Mothers Merchandise Debuts In New England

Mothers Merchandise Debuts In New England

Friends of Fresh and Green Academy will be hosting a booth displaying and selling our Mothers Cooperative merchandise at the Holiday Craft & Food Specialty Fair on Sunday October 28 in Swansea, Massachusetts and on Sunday, November 11 in Warwick, Rhode Island (times and addresses below.)

Please come by and purchase handmade Ethiopian goods made by our students’ Mothers. When you purchase any item made by our Moms, all of the proceeds go directly to them.

Little by little, our students’ Moms are beginning to earn an income. In addition, they are developing a sense of pride and dignity by earning their own money.

At present, 40 of our students’ Mothers have joined the Mothers Cooperative at Fresh & Green Academy where they are able to come together and work on their crafts. They weave beautiful scarves and make other items such as shoes, handbags, and jewelry. In addition, our Moms are able to make a contribution by helping out at our school with meal preparation and other tasks.

The Mothers Cooperative is not only a place where the students’ Mothers can come to create and work, but is also a place where they have formed a sisterhood. This sisterhood gives them hope that they will be able to thrive and take care of their families. These women are able to make a living. Finally, their dreams of a better life are coming true.

Sunday, October 28, 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. at Venus De Milo, 75 Grand Army Highway, Swansea, MA  02777.

Sunday, November 11, 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza, 801 Greenwich Avenue, Warwick, RI  02886.

Upgrades at Fresh and Green Academy!

Upgrades at Fresh and Green Academy!

One of the main functions of Fresh and Green is to nourish the children. The children receive three meals a day everyday they are at the school, and for most of them, this is the only time they eat. Because of this fact, what started as a preschool and kindergarten school, now has classes through 5th grade!

New Preschool/Kindergarten Building

New Preschool and Kindergarten Building


We needed to build a new structure per government regulations and the result is a new beautiful building and an upgrade of the original building. Fortunately, we were able to rent a plot of land next to the school. The new building has 6 rooms including a bathroom, teachers room, and nap room.

The three classrooms are for the preschool and kindergarten 1 and 2 classes. The main building now has a science lab and the 5th grade classroom.

Science Lab in the Original Building

Science Lab in the Original Building


The majority of funding for this project came from the money raised at “The Fourth Annual Poker/Casino Fundraiser”

Thank you for making this all possible and continuing to support Friends of Fresh and Green Academy.