Fresh and Green Goes to High School

Fresh and Green Goes to High School

We are so proud of our nine Grade 8 graduates for passing their high school entrance exams! Most were in kindergarten when Friends of Fresh and Green got involved with the school 8 years ago, and we began to grow the school by a grade each year.

Running a high school curriculum is not on the books for Fresh and Green Academy right now as we try to secure the rights to the land that the school is on. But we will continue to support our graduates as they start up a new path on their journey to higher education and eventually a profession. They are such important members of our community and set a great example for the younger kids!

Our graduates will still start and end their day at the Academy with a meal, with high school classes down the road in between. But we have to pay for their uniforms and books as well as providing medical care if needed. We estimate that it will cost $500 up front for supplies and then $75 a month for each student over the course of the year.

We need your help! Can you help sponsor one of our high school kids through the Friendship Club program? We have created a special category for this initiative and you will be sure to get progress reports from your Friend along the way. If you can help us with the upfront costs as well, then great! Please make a separate donation and you’ll get a tax receipt for that as well.

Become a Friendship Club member!

A Big Night Out for a Big Cause

A Big Night Out for a Big Cause

This, is a serious Blackjack table in midtown Manhattan. Except not at all, because these people are having fun, and supporting kids who some day aspire to see the bright lights, but whose attention is focused on helping their own family, and themselves.

On the other side of the room, some Poker stars are vying to win all the chips, the pot, to establish their mastery of the game. Except that they are also having more fun than they’ve had since last year, when they played the same guys, and hit that river card for a flush, and knew that they were just lucky, but knew that they were helping the kids and their families, 7,000 miles away, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This is the Eighth annual Friends of Fresh and Green Casino Night and it happens at 7pm on Monday September 26th, 2016 at Connolly’s Pub Klub 45 on West 45th Street. You can be a part of this, in New York City, and help 200 kids conquer the cycle of poverty to learn and grow into providers for their families. Your advance $250 buy-in will get you $2,500 worth of chips ($275 after Sept. 17) and re-buys are available. Proceeds go to our Do You Believe in Miracles campaign to help the school buy the land it sits on and take control of its own financial destiny.

Get Your Tickets Now! . This is gonna be good.

Dancing West Coast a Huge Success

Dancing West Coast a Huge Success

We had a HUGE amount of help from our new and old friends in L.A. and the result was a resounding success! Not only were we entertained by our very polished dance couples and Marvin Glover’s Band, but we raised thousands of dollars in donations, raffles and the silent auction to help Fresh and Green Academy buy their school property in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
We were honored by the presence of Milica Kennedy Kastner, who flew in From London to accept the Emissary of Excellence Award for her work in championing human rights.
A special congratulations to our Dancing with the Stews Mirror Ball competition winners Jutem Lee and Ron Wild of San Diego and heartfelt thanks to the great efforts of Lam Nguyen, Merle Norman, Jeff White and Brian Nguyen to put together flawless routines and raise money for our cause at the same time!
We would also like to thank everyone for coming out to the spectacle, we hope you were lucky enough to win a prize, and we are glad you took the time to learn about and support our kids and their families at the Fresh and Green Academy.

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Do You Believe in Miracles?

** Update June 6, 2016 – A Leap of Faith **

The miracle story of how we needed to raise enough money to buy the school’s land is below: we had to buy or move or even close. Well good news…sort of! Through our generous donors we raised over half the money we needed, but we had to borrow the rest of the money, again, an offer from a very generous patron.

The Board made the decision to take out a loan for two reasons: first, it would prevent the upheaval of a move or significant downsizing; secondly, owning the land provides the school with rental income from the storefront properties on Asmara Road, a significant step towards self-sufficiency. And we alleviate the burden of paying rent which was our highest monthly cost.

But we now have a debt to service, and we need your help by making a donation (click the button below) and by spreading the word to friends and family so that we can broaden our base of support. Many hands make light work, they say, and we can all help bring this story to a happy ending.

Click to Help Us Buy the Land

Our school needs to buy the land that it sits on or we’re out. Homeless.

Fresh and Green Academy has been taking impoverished kids off the street in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for 16 years. The school educates and feeds these children at no cost to their poor, mostly single parents. With the help of Friends of Fresh and Green, a New York-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit, the school has managed to grow from a simple Pre-K and Kindergarten to now include Grades 1-8.

Relying completely on donations, the school has faced rising rent costs and the land has recently been sold to a new owner. Fortunately, this generous individual saw the good work that the school was doing in breaking the cycle of poverty, and has offered to sell the land to the school.

So we need you to help with a Miracle: raise $200,000 before the end of June (deadline extended from May 30th) so Fresh and Green Academy can buy the property it sits on. Otherwise, the land will be developed and we will have to find another location that will be even more expensive or charge the kind of rent that will put it out of business and put the kids and their parents back on the street.

Please help us with any amount you can. it is people like yourself who are able to put us over the top with a US tax-deductible donation. Thank you so much!

Click to Help Us Buy the Land


Dancing with the Stews West Coast has Started!

Dancing with the Stews West Coast has Started!

The Show has started in Southern California! Our Flight Attendants and their professional dance partners are training for our 4th Annual 2016 “Dancing With the Stews” fundraiser!


Joining us this year:

The Marvin Glover Band


 Artist and humanitarian Milica Kennedy Kastner will be presented with Friends of Fresh and Green Academy’s highest honor,

The Emissary of Excellence Award

In association with Sea Sand Entertainment

Join our dancers:

Lam Nguyen & Jeff White
Jutem Lee & Ron Wild
Brian Nguyen & Merle Morgan

Mark the Date: May 13, 2016 at 7:00 PM Mark the Place: Dance Revolution – 6626 Valjean Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406 (map below) The evening’s festivities include a VIP Reception, silent auction, a Dance Showcase and live music with…


    Tickets can be purchased in advance online for $85 General Admission and $200 VIP ($175 before May 3rd), which includes a very special Reception before the show and front row table seating.

Make a Difference by Shopping with your Friends


You can help the children Fresh and Green Academy when you shop!

There are 3 ways that benefit the Academy directly, including for the first time, the opportunity to buy crafts from the Mothers’ Cooperative!

Fresh & Green is on Etsy!

Store MontageYou can now buy some of the beautiful all-cotton scarves that are hand-woven by the mothers of some of the students at the Mothers’ Cooperative.  We have a small selection of stylish and traditional dresses as well, and hope soon to bring you some of the beautiful pottery, baskets, sandals and wickerwork that these ladies produce as part of their initiative to retrain and work to feed their families.

100% of the net proceeds go straight back to Fresh and Green Aetsycademy.

We invite you to visit the store by clicking here.


Goodshop is a great way to help the children of Fresh and Green while you shop at some of the most popular stores in North America!

Through the generosity of brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Barnes & Noble, Forever 21 and MANY others, simply buying what you normally shop for will send a percentage of the sale to the school! If a new customer, you can join here, and when you specify a cause, pick Friends of Fresh and Green Academy (NY). If you’ve already shopped through Goodshop, Follow the How it Works link at the top of the page and pick “Support a Cause.”

Goodshop will send 2%, 3%, even 5% of the purchase to Friends of Fresh goodshoplogoxparentand Green and 100% of that goes to the school.

Amazon Smile helps you, help us, make a difference in a child’s life!

Did you know you can find just about anything on Did you also know that they are generous in supporting charities throughout the country by donating a portion of the sale to a charity of the customer’s choice?

The program is called Amazon Smile and if you specify Friends of Fresh and Green Academy as
your camazonsmilewhiteharity of choice, we automatically receive a percentage of the sale.

Use our special Amazon Smile link and will make a donation on every purchase you make. You can even use your Prime account!