** Update June 6, 2016 – A Leap of Faith **

The miracle story of how we needed to raise enough money to buy the school’s land is below: we had to buy or move or even close. Well good news…sort of! Through our generous donors we raised over half the money we needed, but we had to borrow the rest of the money, again, an offer from a very generous patron.

The Board made the decision to take out a loan for two reasons: first, it would prevent the upheaval of a move or significant downsizing; secondly, owning the land provides the school with rental income from the storefront properties on Asmara Road, a significant step towards self-sufficiency. And we alleviate the burden of paying rent which was our highest monthly cost.

But we now have a debt to service, and we need your help by making a donation (click the button below) and by spreading the word to friends and family so that we can broaden our base of support. Many hands make light work, they say, and we can all help bring this story to a happy ending.

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Our school needs to buy the land that it sits on or we’re out. Homeless.

Fresh and Green Academy has been taking impoverished kids off the street in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for 16 years. The school educates and feeds these children at no cost to their poor, mostly single parents. With the help of Friends of Fresh and Green, a New York-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit, the school has managed to grow from a simple Pre-K and Kindergarten to now include Grades 1-8.

Relying completely on donations, the school has faced rising rent costs and the land has recently been sold to a new owner. Fortunately, this generous individual saw the good work that the school was doing in breaking the cycle of poverty, and has offered to sell the land to the school.

So we need you to help with a Miracle: raise $200,000 before the end of June (deadline extended from May 30th) so Fresh and Green Academy can buy the property it sits on. Otherwise, the land will be developed and we will have to find another location that will be even more expensive or charge the kind of rent that will put it out of business and put the kids and their parents back on the street.

Please help us with any amount you can. it is people like yourself who are able to put us over the top with a US tax-deductible donation. Thank you so much!

Click to Help Us Buy the Land