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New Volunteer Form


We are so grateful you are planning on volunteering for Fresh and Green this year. Your participation in our trips to the school play a significant part in the special experience that the children look forward to each year.

To get started, download, read and complete all of the forms below. Your information will ensure that we continue “Making a difference to the lives of children in Ethiopia.”

To download, click on each link, select “Save As” and save on your desktop.

1. Travel Release 2014 | 2. FFG Medical Waiver | 3. Photographing Rules
4. Photo Release Form
| 5. Volunteer Hand Book 2014

NB: Please enter N/A into any non applicable fields. All required fields are marked with *

*Name (As shown on passport)



*Your Address

*Day Phone

*Evening Phone

*Your Main Email

*Passport Number:

*Country of Issue:

*Date and Place of Issue:

*Date of Expiration:

*How did you hear of Friends of Fresh and Green Academy or Fresh and Green Academy?

*Why do you want to volunteer with Friends of Fresh and Green Academy?

*Which program/placement are you applying for?
Individual VisitArranged Group TripLong Term Stay/Internship

*What is your desired starting date?

*What is your desired ending date?

* What is your current occupation?

*What is your study background?

*What is your employment background?

*What other experiences have you had that have been important to you?
(e.g. volunteer work, internships, extra-curricular activities, etc.)

*Have you ever worked as a: (Select multiples if applicable)
TeacherAssistant teacherCamp counselorOther position working with children, youth or adults

*If you selected "Other position", briefly describe the position held

*What age group do you most enjoy working with?

*Have you ever traveled abroad?



*For how long?

*For what purpose?

*What kind of work would you like to do during a volunteer placement?
(E.g. environment/conservation, teaching, health, etc.)

*What are your specific goals and expectations for your placement?
(language learning, travel and cultural experience, work experience, etc.)

*Describe your state of health and physical fitness
Is there anything we should know about your health?
(i.e., injuries, allergies, different abilities, special food needs)?

*List any prescription medications or supplements you take

*Tell us more about yourself. (hobbies, occupation, hiking and camping experience, strengths, etc.)
What skills you can bring to a placement position.

*Are you comfortable with the idea of "roughing it"?
(going awhile without a shower, using a latrine instead of a modern bathroom, having limited privacy)

*Do you have any concerns or apprehensions about a placement?

*If so, what are they?

Please Provide a Reference:


*Email Address


*Day Phone

*Evening Phone

*Relationship to Applicant (former employer, doctor, teacher etc.)

*What airport will you be departing from?

*Person to contact in case of an emergency


*Day Phone

*Evening Phone

*Relationship to Applicant (mother, father, sister, brother etc.)

* Volunteer Application Forms

*Have you downloaded, read and agree to abide by the Travel Release 2012 rules?

*Have you downloaded, read and agree to abide by the FFG Medical Waiver rules?

*Have you downloaded, read and agree to abide by the Photographing rules?

*Have you downloaded, read and agree to abide by the Photo Release Form rules?

*Have you downloaded, read and agree to abide by the Volunteer Application 2012 rules?

*Have you downloaded, read and agree to follow the Volunteer Hand book rules?

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