Support Fresh and Green Academy by Sponsoring a Child

Monetary donations are a crucial part of the existence of Fresh and Green Academy and the “Child Sponsorship Program” helps guarantee the school will operate and the children will be fed. Every month barely enough money is sent to cover the costs of teachers salaries, food and rent. With your generous donations all the children will receive three meals a day and a quality education.

Approximate monthly school expenses:



Mothers Coop Salaries-$1000.00 (From the sales of their goods)

Food for 140 children three times a day-$3000.00

For $35.00 a month, the price of a dinner out, you will help all 140 students of Fresh and Green Academy eat three nutritious meals a day, have access to medical care, and continue to thrive in a loving and caring learning environment.  You will receive periodic updates on the specific child you have sponsored but will be helping all the children.

Use the “Sponsor A Student” link to start helping today!




  1. I am so impressed with your website! Please can you tell me who is working on this website? Ask him or her to email me. I am hoping to grow a business, and if we are blessed I may be able to offer some freelance job opportunities to your web developer.

    Ellen Hakala, Maggie’s Mom

  2. Dear Trish and other readers of this website:

    I just talked to Maggie this morning, and she was at one of the homes that serves a family at Fresh and Green. She had a couple of ideas that I would like to share with you.

    The first idea was to buy a cow for the school. The cow could be cared for by a family, giving it milk to drink (or sell).

    The second was to fund a plant nursery. The students could tend to the plants and sell them to become self-sustaining.

    Do you have any other ideas?

    Ellen Hakala

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